1/4 of the way there!

Dearest Little Ones –
Well, we’re back from our trip and had a great time! It also solidified even more how ready we are for you. Sure, we haven’t finished our classes, but your dad is chipping away at his autobiographical paperwork so we’re getting one step closer every day! We had planned for him to get this done during our long plane ride, but my lap top died on us, so we had to wait until we got back for that. He’s been working on it during the days. He is about to start on a night shift until his submarine goes out again.
But right now, I need to brag a little bit about your dad.
We’ve been married for a good while now, and known each other for 1/2 our lives outside of that. Your dad manages to make me feel loved every day. Most mornings, I get a text or a phone call from him that says something like, “Have an amazing day,” or “I love you and have a wonderful day.” When he’s home, he pitches in all the time. He looks forward to hanging out with me after a day of work, and I have no doubt that will carry over to when you’re here.
I know it can be intimidating with one parent that travels. It’s easy to choose to feel like the parent that is away doesn’t love you. But let me set those fears to rest as best I can (though I know the proof will be in the pudding).
My dad (your grandpa) traveled for large chunks of my childhood. I really missed Dad when he was gone. I tried to “sabotage” trips as much as any child could (tangling up luggage straps, hiding keys, etc). But now, looking back on it, my dad was always very present with us when he was home. Quality time ment more than quantity (though I could never get enough of either – I soaked it up).
It’s helped me out later in life though. I’ve grown into a very adaptable, self confident, independent woman. I hope that you benefit the same way.
BUT there is some good news! Your dad is trying to get shore duty for a few years! This means that he’ll have far more regular hours and that he won’t be deploying. Now, I’ve had him home for almost a month now, and it’s been awesome. I can’t wait for you to benefit from that as well.
We’ll stay focused and we look forward to meeting you – hopefully before this time next year!
After all, we’re family, you just don’t know it yet.
Much love,
Your Mom


About justdontknowityet

Adopted during my first year of life into a family that had a already adopted a boy. My bio mother was 15 and swore she was raped. With almost no pre-natal care, I survived and joined my forever-family. Blood may be thicker than water - but love is stronger than both. Now, my husband and I are in the process of building our own family through adoption. Our process is complicated somewhat by his service as a Navy Submariner. Sometimes the best things come from the most surprising and challenging situations. The goal of his blog is to honestly express the challenges, pit falls, heart breaks and joys of this process in letters to our future family. Every child is wanted by someone.
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