Making It Real

Dear kids,
 We started buying things for your room this weekend. It’s a bit challenging since we don’t know what you like, and your room is a place we want you to see as ‘your space’, but we were able to get a couple books and a couple movies. We’re still on the look out for beds and have some other things to check off the list for the Social Worker’s visits next month. December will certainly be busy for us! During the first week, we’ll finish our CPR/First aid/Blood borne pathogen training. During the next week, we’ll have our first visit from our social worker. 3 days before Christmas, we’ll have the last visit (hopefully) from the Social Worker to get our home study approved.
Finally, after Christmas, your dad will have leave and we’re planning a trip to California to visit my family and to go to Disneyland for what may very well be the last time without you. We can’t wait to make those kinds of memories with you.

If you like Disney or sports, or both, you’ll enjoy a lot of your childhood with us! If you don’t, I’m sure you’ll teach us all about your interests when we get to meet you.

As we slowly work on furnishing your room, things are getting more and more real.

Your dad just started night classes as part of his job. Even though his schedule can be a bit unpredictable at times, I hope you’ll see that his dedication pays off.
 In fact, I’m sure that’s something you’ll see from us. We’re good at being persistent. You won’t have known me before my days at the gym, but I’ve grown leaps and bounds since I started there about a year ago. I wonder if you’d be interested in Kids Crossfit? It’s a fun way to get some energy and stress out, and a great way to make new friends. Some of the friends I’ve made through my trainer have been incredibly encouraging when it comes to bringing you home. They’ve been encouraging, and one is even an mom (through adoption) of 6! She’s been really helpful at getting me to center myself and tackle each hurtle one at a time.
Yesterday, I finished nearly all the paperwork I need to do in this round, and your dad made a good dent in his as well. Some of the questions were really challenging, but I know it’ll all pay off in the end.
After all, we’re family, we just don’t know it yet.
Your Mom.


About justdontknowityet

Adopted during my first year of life into a family that had a already adopted a boy. My bio mother was 15 and swore she was raped. With almost no pre-natal care, I survived and joined my forever-family. Blood may be thicker than water - but love is stronger than both. Now, my husband and I are in the process of building our own family through adoption. Our process is complicated somewhat by his service as a Navy Submariner. Sometimes the best things come from the most surprising and challenging situations. The goal of his blog is to honestly express the challenges, pit falls, heart breaks and joys of this process in letters to our future family. Every child is wanted by someone.
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