Dear Future Kids,
Today is my 34th birthday.
I wonder if you’ve blown out your candle for the year this year, or if it’s still off in the distance. I hope those who are caring for you take time to make your birthday as special a day as it should be. I wonder if we’ll celebrate it together, or if next year will be our year to throw you a party…
Either way, I got a nice gift today. Your dad got the approval for his finger printing, and a few papers he needs to fill out to finish a background check before we can really dig deep in our search for you.
It’s a great gift and I can’t wait to share the news with him when he gets home.
But I know birthdays aren’t always the easiest, most fun days for kids that are adopted. They bring up a lot of thoughts of our biological families. You might think about a past birthday you celebrated with them or your foster family. You might cherish those memories or wish they were different. You might wonder if they are thinking about you. And ya know what, I get that. I had a lot of those thoughts too. In fact, I wonder if I used to make a really big deal about my birthday to drown out some of those thoughts. They are hard to deal with sometimes. I mean, I know was raised by exactly who I was supposed to call family, but at the same time, the very first time I was abandoned by someone was on my birthday. So I get that birthdays can be tough.

But there is hope, kiddoe.

Even if every adult that ever failed you forgot about your birthday – it’s the day you came into this world.

And because of that day, and the decisions your parents made, both good and bad, you can come into our lives.

That is a day worth celebrating for us.

We can’t erase any pain days like your birthday might cause you, but we can celebrate what we have together, and we can be together through the hard days.

So even though today is my birthday, I can’t help but be excited to celebrate your “Gotcha Day”! The day we get to call each other family – for good.

Your Mom.


About justdontknowityet

Adopted during my first year of life into a family that had a already adopted a boy. My bio mother was 15 and swore she was raped. With almost no pre-natal care, I survived and joined my forever-family. Blood may be thicker than water - but love is stronger than both. Now, my husband and I are in the process of building our own family through adoption. Our process is complicated somewhat by his service as a Navy Submariner. Sometimes the best things come from the most surprising and challenging situations. The goal of his blog is to honestly express the challenges, pit falls, heart breaks and joys of this process in letters to our future family. Every child is wanted by someone.
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