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Adopted during my first year of life into a family that had a already adopted a boy. My bio mother was 15 and swore she was raped. With almost no pre-natal care, I survived and joined my forever-family. Blood may be thicker than water - but love is stronger than both. Now, my husband and I are in the process of building our own family through adoption. Our process is complicated somewhat by his service as a Navy Submariner. Sometimes the best things come from the most surprising and challenging situations. The goal of his blog is to honestly express the challenges, pit falls, heart breaks and joys of this process in letters to our future family. Every child is wanted by someone.

The Ugly Under Belly

Dear Future Kids –   I wonder if you have a four-legged friend of snuggle with.  You will when you get here.  Sometimes, they seem to give us just what we need – that unconditional love and acceptance.   I … Continue reading

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Dear Future Kids, Today is my 34th birthday. I wonder if you’ve blown out your candle for the year this year, or if it’s still off in the distance. I hope those who are caring for you take time to … Continue reading

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Dear future kids,   We’re making the big push to get you here and out of foster care! Every day seems to be a little more progress lately. It feels really nice since the process can sometimes be painfully slow since … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry, We’re Nerdy.

Dear Future Kids, I’m sorry. Your future parents are a kind of nerds. In fact, my latest souvenier from our recent trip to Disneyland (hopefully the last trip without you) is a back pack that matches my I love Nerds … Continue reading

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Making It Real

Dear kids,  We started buying things for your room this weekend. It’s a bit challenging since we don’t know what you like, and your room is a place we want you to see as ‘your space’, but we were able … Continue reading

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The Brick Walls

Dear kids,   Sometimes it feels like you’re one day closer. Other times it feels like maybe I’m not ment to adopt at all. It’s so easy to get discouraged, since we’re entering year two of this journey and it … Continue reading

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First Purchase for Your Room

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