Dear future kids, 
  We’re making the big push to get you here and out of foster care! Every day seems to be a little more progress lately. It feels really nice since the process can sometimes be painfully slow since we know you’re out there waiting on us.  Today, I made the appointment  to get my fingerprinting done to start the FBI required background check. We’re still waiting on your dad’s approval (which seems more than a little strange, since they let him have clearance for the Navy, but we’ll do whatever it takes.

Last weekend, we finished building your beds! (Don’t worry, the stuffed animals there are just the ones I had on hand. There are TONS more to choose from – and most of them are Disney!)

On the top bunk is a very special little bear called Be-With-Me-Bear. Your dad gave him to me when I found out your grandfather (my dad) had cancer and didn’t have much time left. Be-With-Me-Bear tends to travel with me when your dad can’t. The big white bear on the bottom bunk is Gypsy bear. I’ve never quite decided if it’s a ‘he’ or a ‘she’, but Gypsy has been with me since I was about 5 years old. My parents brought him/her back from a trip to Peru. Your grandmother (my mom) has helped patch Gypsy up on lots of occasions. All good memories.

I wonder if you’ll have a Be-With-Me-Bear type pal. I wonder what he/she/it will look like. You get to pick!

We know you haven’t been able to make many choices in your young life so far. I’m sure you would never have choosen a rough start, if you could have had some say in it. We’d like for you to have say in things here. So, while we’re making your room warm and friendly, I’m looking forward to what changes you’ll want to make! If Gypsy and Be-With-Me-Bear ends up back on my bed, well, I won’t fight ya’ on that one. 😉

We can share. Afterall, we’re family, you just don’t know it yet.
Much Love,
 Your mom.


About justdontknowityet

Adopted during my first year of life into a family that had a already adopted a boy. My bio mother was 15 and swore she was raped. With almost no pre-natal care, I survived and joined my forever-family. Blood may be thicker than water - but love is stronger than both. Now, my husband and I are in the process of building our own family through adoption. Our process is complicated somewhat by his service as a Navy Submariner. Sometimes the best things come from the most surprising and challenging situations. The goal of his blog is to honestly express the challenges, pit falls, heart breaks and joys of this process in letters to our future family. Every child is wanted by someone.
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